• While brushing my teeth this morning I was thinking about school uniforms and I remembered that I was the first girl in my primary school to wear trousers.
  • “there’s never a bad time to take up litter picking” - Ghandi.
  • You know what, a bad time to take up litter picking is during a bin strike. Which is what is happening in Brighton right now.
  • Lachie called me and E ‘scabs’ for going out litter picking.
  • Would anyone like this bin bag of crisp packets and bags of dog poo? It doesn’t fit in my bin.
  • Thanks for your opinions on skirting boards, to all of you who were generous to share.
  • Cute that twitter are testing removing followers, but we’ve had this functionality for years. You just block and then immediately unblock someone. It’s called the “follower shrug” and I’ve done it to tens of annoying reply-guys. It’s the most satisfying thing to do on Twitter to be honest, you know, since The Discourse ruined everything.

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