• Greetings from the sweat soaked sheets of a bacterial infection known as mastitis. Mastitis is caused when breast milk builds up because it’s not being drunk or expressed, and then bacteria, which is already chilling out in your body anyway, gets a little out of control. I suspect this infection is partly due to a wonky latch from my son during a sleepless night in the campervan, and partly because my immune system was on the edge already, which is why I also have mouth ulcers, and my hair and skin look like one of those “after meth” photos.
  • On Tuesday I spoke to a very friendly GP who prescribed me some flucoxacillin and even told me that my nearest pharmacy is 0.3 miles from my house. Great service. Then I laid in bed all day and in the evening experienced the wonders of the humam body having a fever and then the corresponding night sweats. I do like night sweats on some level. A useful physical sign of the severity of the sickness, where the others “feeling tired” and “sore boob” I find easier to question myself, am I really so sick I need a day off or am I just a workshy slacker who is lucky to have a job at all?
  • Taking flucoxacillin four times per day on an empty stomach presents a challenge in that it means I don’t eat for two hours before a tablet and one hour after. It’s not that I don’t ever go for three hour periods without eating anything, it’s more that there aren’t four of them in a day. Anyway. I’m doing my best but presumably some of these tablets are not working as effectively as they could be because I’ve combined them with apples.
  • On Wednesday I did a bit of work, including reading two draft blog posts from my colleagues. The feedback I gave was the same for both:
    • Where is the narrative arc? Yes this is a blog post about a thing you did, but it can still have a beginning, middle and end.
    • When you have a subtitle that is “Why we changed our titles”, that tells me what’s going to be in the next section, but you could save me some time by using this title to tell me actually what’s going to be in the next section. A better title for readers to scan is “We changed our titles to make the blog post easier to understand”. I’m sure someone out there what’s good at words has articulated this better than me, please if you have, send me a link because whenever I google for this particular topic I get a lot of bad vibes from content marketing SEO sites.
  • Should I paint my skirting boards the same colour as my walls? Is it going to look shit in 10 years time?
  • I can’t believe how unethical this is. Admirable.

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