• ZZzzz
  • Both kids had a some infant immunisations this week. I thought they were on Wednesday but when Lachie got the children (both very upset) to the surgery, it turned out the appointment was for Thursday. I keep making these kinds of mistakes (it was definitely my fault). The following day I took the kids, and my advice for the future is that administering six injections across two children in one go is efficient but it is also quite stressful.
  • I think it’s a good idea to teach the real anatomical names of body parts to the kids when the topic comes up, but I does mean E keeps talking about her toy’s vulvas now. 😬
  • My little trip to Rye was fantastic. I ate at Fig for dinner, visited Merchant and Mills, got a massage at the Rye Retreat, and had some very good breakfasts at Whitehouse.
  • I saw a bit of crime on Thursday. I was popping to sainos to get some milk for the kids when two lads on e-scooters powered out of the shop, dropping large boxes of sweets on their way. Inside I found a load of puzzled looking staff putting things back on shelves. Nobody seemed that upset by it, more just, confused. I’m not sure the boys even managed to steal anything, or if they dropped their goods on their way out.
  • Occasionally, for the past few weeks, I’ve been using headspace to help me get to sleep at night. I listen to the Rainday Antiques ones. I don’t know what prompted me to start doing this but when I’ve got too many things going on at work they’re actually very effective at getting me to fall asleep.
  • This weather. My tomatoes. What a damp squib.
  • I killed an idea this week. You know, something someone says in a brainstorming session, which then gets written down, in a document of things we’ve agreed to do. It’s dead now, and nobody seemed to mind me killing it.
  • 🚨 Woodpecker on the bird feeder! 🚨
  • OK, and finally, I Am Not A Doctor but here are some calpol tips the hospital gave me when C was in there a few weeks ago:
    1. You can administer calpol to children by weight. It’s 15mg/kg.
    2. The baby calpol is just a weaker form of 6+ calpol (120/5 vs 250/5). So if your baby hates having calpol you can reduce the volume of calpol you’ve got to get into them by giving them a smaller volume of 6+ calpol.

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