• Operation Thrip Murder continues. I removed the roots and the leaves of both of my dracaenas, leaving only the stem which I’ve cut in two, giving me four chances to revive my plants. I cut off all of the leaves of my blue star fern, and divided the rhizome into two pots, hoping it will also spring back to life. And removed all the leaves of my purple shamrock and divided the rhizome. All that remains are my streptos, which I don’t know how to treat. I could remove all their leaves too but it seems like such a shame as they’re in flower. I’ve bought a botanist’s loupe to look more closely at the bugs living on my plants. So far I’ve only seen some thrip larvae which have been destroyed. 🪳☠️
  • Baby C is poorly again. I wonder if his immune system is under strength because of the year we all spent indoors. Now he’s at nursery full time he’s getting exposed all the things he missed. On Tuesday and Wednesday night, going to bed at about 10 yielded a paltry 3 hours sleep each night for me as C coughed himself awake and then refused to sleep unless on me.
  • We went camping to Brakes Coppice again, this time with another family. Didn’t see the albino squirrel. Did see a common wild orchid at Bedgebury Pinetum.
  • E told me she doesn’t talk to anyone at nursery because her voice is small and it stays in her throat. She said instead she just stares at everyone. 🥺
  • Does anyone want any pond goldfish? Anybody know what I should do with the goldfish in my pond?

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