• This week was Lachie’s last week of paternity leave. He had to do it on hard mode because E got sent home from nursery because of a covid outbreak. I was beginning to relax a bit about covid and then - bam. 10 days of isolation.
  • On Wednesday I had a 30 minute chat with Matt Webb. I used his calendar thing to book it. I probably haven’t spoken to Matt since 2015 and it was a thrill to catch up with him and talk about, among other things, Fabergé Eggs.
  • Nobody tell Lachie, but I bought some more house plants. This is a really stupid time for me to buy them since we’re moving house in the next two weeks and I’ve just discovered a bunch of my pre-existing ones have thrips, but I did it anyway.
  • Here is what happened. Last Thursday Lee organised a talk from occasional FT writer Jane Perrone to talk about plants. I was perusing her excellent blog, when I came across the Conservatory Archives shop. I mean, I don’t know what to say except they have some very good plants and a very nice website. One of the things I found especially compelling about the website is how un instagram bland their aesthetic is. A serif font! A boring sounding name! I love it.
  • We completed on a house. We can’t move in yet because nobody in Brighton can move us, but we’ve visited it most days. It’s in good shape but there are still a lot of jobs to get on with which we don’t have very much time for. I’m a big fan of paying people to do things so maybe we’ll get someone to the gutters and paint the exterior etc etc.
  • Big end of quarter energy this week. I’m going to white knuckle it until about mid August when OKRs, hiring, mid year reviews and the promotion round will hopefully have petered out.

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