• Still getting puked up on quite a bit. Baby C has had a cold for 4 weeks and I’d like for it to clear up now thanks. The continuous exposure to this virus means we’ve all got it too now.
  • We finally exchanged on our house. Completion date is only a few weeks away.
  • I’ve now listened to about 10 hours of critical dissection of Kanye West’s Yeezus, if anybody wants to have a conversation with me about it. Probably ask me now because in a year’s time I will have forgotten I did this.
  • On Wednesday I went for lunch with Jess who was having a little holiday in Brighton. It was really great to see Jess and the measly hour I managed to make for her was utterly insufficient.
  • Today [Saturday] we went to the park for a birthday party and I had a lot of conversations with three year olds. Did you know that the circle inside the letter “o” is called a “dark egg” and “dark eggs” hatch baby crocodiles, wolves, and snakes. Daddy wolves lay the eggs mummy wolves sit on them.
  • This week nursery asked all the parents in E’s class to send in photos of family members for their family wall. Of the 35ish families that send in photos, guess how many men responded? THREE. I’m so irritated by this. Dads, step up and handle that shit! Why don’t you think it’s your job? Obvi one of the dads was Lachie. It was a very straightforward decision for us because he’s doing the majority of the child related jobs as he’s on shared parental leave.
  • Based on Murray’s recommendation we started watching Bluey on Ceebeebies and it is really really nice. I also abhor peppa pig, she’s horrid and I hate the portrayal of the hapless dad too.
  • I think my brain might be at capacity.

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