• On Sunday we went to a Pick Your Own and picked some strawberries. Then we popped into a car boot sale in the adjoining field. I told E she could buy the best thing at the car boot but we had to look at everything before she could decide. By the end she was so excited about what she wanted to buy that she broke out into a sprint once the table of about 30 My Little Ponies came into sight. Our house is now the home of a slightly creepy looking pink horse. After the car boot we went to Goring-by-sea and had a picnic. Brighton is great but the sleepy seaside towns that are 20 minutes along the coast are also a real treat.
  • On bank holiday Monday we went to the swimming pool. I don’t really enjoy swimming pools, even pre-cov but now the routine is even less enjoyable because you have to wear your swimming gear there, and after you aren’t allowed a shower, you just have to dry off an leave.
  • Smelling strongly of chlorine, we went to a park in Hove which has a café attached to it. That café is a very ordinary place, serving chips and paninis. The cool thing about it is that it’s owned by Norman Cook, aka Fat Boy Slim. Since the pandemic shut down his other hustle of being an internationally renowned DJ, he’s been doing shifts on the weekdays. He served us some really average paninis and some better than average coffees.
  • A baby seagull fell off a nest on our roof and into the garden. It was surprisingly cute. I don’t think it’s going to survive, but nobody has ever said “Brighton could use more seagulls” so I think that’s OK.
  • The people selling their house to us invited us over for some prosecco and another tour of the house. They asked us if we were nervous that on seeing it again that we might have buyers remorse but that hadn’t occurred to me at all. Anyway - it’s still lovely. Can’t wait to move.
  • [Sunday edit] I knew I had forgotten something important this week and it was that on Thursday I went to the pub with Anna and sat in the garden. The company was of course brilliant, and the novelty of drinking a pint has not worn off yet. We cycled there and back together. I had shorts on and the feeling of wind in my leg hair made me feel like a girl of 29 again.

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