• Three of E’s classmates from nursery tested positive for Covid 19 this week so it’s good that we took her out of nursery early.
  • I’ve found some more composure since last Sunday when I was too upset to bother with weaknotes.
  • Tomorrow we’re going to our government approved support bubble. The cynical leftwing press has speculated that the only reason families, such as ours, with a child under 1, are allowed a support bubble is because Boris Johnson has a child under one. But I’m sure our Prime Minister would never do something so blatantly self serving.
  • Christmas day at our house was nice. I made some very good vegetarian food for our lunch - the “Killer Roast Dinner” from Anna Jones. Lachie said it was delicious and then in the very next breath asked if we had any Bisto so he’s murdered now. (We don’t have any Bisto, of course we don’t)
  • Baby C “ate” his first solid food, a Yorkshire pudding. He was really into it.
  • I have a new stitching instagram (alices_stitch_log), primarily because I follow hashtags for patterns I’m thinking of making on Instagram to see what other people are doing, but it’s made me want to contribute my own versions too. My main instagram account is private because it has lots of photos of my kids on it and only people I like get to see those 😘

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