• woi oi!
  • This week I was reminded of the acronym from university: BNOC (pronounced be-nock). Big Name On Campus. In case it isn’t obvious, I was not a BNOC.
  • C has a little goofy tooth and so has started biting me. It’s very unpleasant but avoidable if I really pay attention to him while feeding him.
  • We’re selling our house. We’ve had 6 viewings in 3 days and it has been mad stressful keeping the place tidy and getting out of the house for the viewings. I will not be taking further questions at this time.
  • Don’t know if this is a sign of the times or a sign of early onset dementia, but I have been really enjoying “Spin The Wheel”, a celebrity(!) gameshow(!) on Saturday night(!) presented by Michael Mcintyre(!!!).
  • This piece about her mother dying earlier this year by Becky is extremely tender and funny and wonderfully written.
  • My 2.5 year old now comes with an 100% Lice Free Guarantee.
  • I had a Keeping In Touch day on Monday. It was really good. Normally I’d have gone in for this and seen people face to face, but because of… all this I just popped up to the attic and did zoom calls. And occasionally a baby was brought to me for feeding.
  • One of the things on the KIT day was some training and on the training the instructor said: You could be sitting looking at a piece of paper with a “9” on it, and I could be sat opposite and say “no that’s a 6” and we’d both be right because we just have different perspectives. I was struggling to keep a straight face to the extent that I nearly had to turn my camera off. Really makes u think.

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