• I am ideologically opposed to wine glasses.
  • E has head lice again (!!!). I’m now very knowledgeable about the lifecycle of the head louse. Did you know one female louse can lay about 150 eggs in her lifetime, which is usually about a month. And she only has to mate once? I’m beginning to suspect that since E first got them a year ago the nursery has actually never been rid of head lice and they’re just getting passed around. I had a spirited argument with the new nursery manager about her slowness in emailing the parents to tell them about the head lice. It was the first time I’d spoken to her, so that’s a strong first impression.
  • I listened to The Party by Elizabeth Day this week. Alex Fem Friday who reads a lot suggested it. I got through it very quickly, probably because of the many opportunities for listening to audiobooks there are when looking after a baby. I even earned Audible’s “Marathoner” badge. Not sure why Audible have gamified the already pleasurable activity of reading but… OK.
  • I liked “The Party”. All the characters are totally horrible, even the one I’m probably supposed to like, Lucy, I reckon I’d find extremely boring in real life. Did he kill the cat in the end? What do we think?
  • I’ve moved on to the Hillary Mantel books. I don’t like historical fiction, but as Alex pointed out, it must be quite good even for historical fiction. If you’re going to read some historical fiction you should go for the Woolf Hall trilogy. I’m finding it a bit hard going as an audiobook because the prose style requires that I concentrate.
  • The dining room redecoration continues. On Friday we stripped the floors.
  • Like everyone else, I read this thing about things we now know about Covid-19 in the Atlantic.

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