• I’ve finished listening to Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney. Like Normal People, I loved it. I’m decorating our dining room, so I need some more audiobooks to listen to, anybody got any works of fiction they want to recommend?
  • Decorating the dining room is a big job as I also have a baby to placate, but I’m going to tap it out. Just keep doing it until it’s done.
  • I spent about 5 hours untangling a ball of yarn on Tuesday. It was like the episode of Breaking Bad that is just about Walter White chasing a fly. Anyway - something one can do while bouncing an baby if you’re ever stuck for ideas.
  • The nearest primary school has already completely closed due to covid 19. It was open for a couple of weeks before they had so many separate cases the council told them to shut for 2 weeks.
  • Did you know The Times (which Sainsbury’s sent us as a replacement for the Graun) has a cryptic crossword where all the answers are in Latin. Latin! Imagine.
  • I’ve just realised I’m allergic to figs.
  • Baby C did his first real chuckle on Saturday. Oh my god the cuteness. My heart swelled to four times it’s usual size. I was rapping the rap from “You’re Welcome” sung by Dwayne “the rock” Johnson as the demigod Maui in the Disney film Moana, and he went from a smile into a wet gurgley chuckle. I will spend my life trying to make him do that more. Have we talked about how good Moana is? It’s really good. She saves her village. There are no love interests. She is beautiful but also has plausible body proportions.

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