[Note] Hello - this is an old post that I’ve moved over from my Tumblr. I’ve just copied the words and pictures across.

These are some shorts I finished a while ago. I have two sewing projects on the go at the moment and both of them are bumming me out to the point where I can’t finish them.

These shorts are the first clothing thing I ever sewed. I finished them a year ago but they lay zipless because I couldn’t be bothered to add one for about two years prior to that. This pattern is straight-forward to use, once you’ve learnt all the sewing jargon. I intend to make some more shorts from this pattern soon because (a) I love me some shorts and (b) as a result of starting these so long ago they are now a little bit too small for me in a way that makes me think they might split at the bum at any point.

Fabric: I bought this from Goldhawk road, I can’t even remember which shop, except that it was one of the ones on the south side. It’s an African wax print and I really like it. Look at the colours! I have some left over but I’m too afraid to use it incase I ruin it.

Pattern: If you search for Very Easy Very Vogue 7074 you will be able to find this to buy “vintage”. I got it from my mum’s sewing box which is why it looks so 80’s. Did you know shorts are just hacked off trousers? Anyway, I made the trouser pattern in a 14 and then cut the trouser legs off at a length I liked.

Very Easy Very Vogue 7074 Very Easy Very Vogue 7074

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