I had enough jaquard left over from the hovea to make a little fielder t-shirt. It’s got that sporty unexpected ribbed neckline I’m obsessed with. Like your regular t-shirts only elevated, darling.

Front view of me in my jaquard t-shirt

I used the lilac dip rib, which obviously goes perfectly as it is designed to to. One issue I have with these dipped ribs is that the pattern calls for folding the rib in half at the neck, but if I did that I’d lose the dip. So I’ve opted for not folding, but the finish at the neck seam has suffered as a result.

side view of me in my jaquard t-shirt

I’m not 100% happy with the fit of this across the shoulders. It could do with being a cm wider. Unclear if that’s my sloppy sewing or the pattern.

side view of me in my jaquard t-shirt

Obviously it looks very fun with its little matchy jacket. Well done me.

side view of me in my jaquard t-shirt

I’ve loved wearing this with a long sleeved t-shirt underneath it (as it is winter and we are in a fuel crisis, babe). I actually haven’t finished the inner seams yet because I was so keen to wear it and then I forgot. Whoops.

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