[Note] Hello - this is an old post that I’ve moved over from my Tumblr. I’ve just copied the words and pictures across.

I made this shirt back in January because I really needed another winter shirt. Shooting things I’ve made in winter is such a drag, because of the bad light, that it’s taken this long for me to post it up here. It’s not like I hate this shirt, it’s just that I made it because I needed it, I’m kind of over it.

Also! I had to take all of these photos myself because Lachie is on a stag do this weekend.

The sleeves are too wide for some reason. Still unsure what I messed up there, but I just sort of hoik them up and it’s alright.

The back of this shirt is such a non-event, I’m not sure why I’m including this photo. OH WELL. KEEP SCROLLING.

Quite pleased with the length of this shirt, and where it hits me on the side.

Little “blog” gang sign there for everyone reading this in 2005.

The fabric is from http://raystitch.co.uk/. The buttons are from Kleins in Soho. The pattern is “Archer” from http://shop.grainlinestudio.com/products/archer-button-up-shirt. This is the 5th Archer I’ve made, but the third that’s for me.

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