This is the Kalle shirt from Closet Case Patterns.

I’m going to have to really smash though this blog post because my daughter is due to wake up from her nap any moment now and then it will be playtime not blogging time.

This shirt pattern is really nice - 2 collar options, 3 placket options, 2 back pleat options and 3 length options means that for 1 pattern there are actually 36 different shirts you could possibly make.

I went for the standard collar, hidden placket, box pleat, crop shirt version. Isn’t she dreamy? I love a hidden placket - that’s where theres a bit of fabric that covers the buttons so you can’t see them.

Another nice thing about this pattern is that it has kimono sleeves - so no setting required. I hate setting sleeves!

Let’s talk about the fabric. For my 30th birthday, some years ago, my friends bought me a print-your-own voucher from Fashion Formula. What I wanted to do was design my own print, but this turned out to be a very big barrier to spending the voucher. Anyway - they also sell other people’s designs and in the end I thought “this company is going to go bust before I get round to designing my own fabric” so I copped out about bought some of theirs.

I didn’t mean to get such a massive print scale but I’m not cross about the way it turned out tbh.

Having made the pattern I now understand were everything ends up on the body. I think I could do a much better job pattern matching - or at least avoiding some messy bits. For example, there’s a weird collision of bird parts happening around the neck, and there is another bird on the left hand side that is basically sticking it’s head in my armpit.

Anyway - off to buy some more fabric to make another version of this now. BYEEE.

Me wearing my shirt from behind Me wearing my shirt from front, looking up, what am I thinking about? Who knows. Me in my kitchen in shirt, hands in pockets. Close up of the front of my shirt Close up of the back of my shirt to show how neatly the back pattern matching is Shirt on a hanger Close up of my pocket

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