[Note] Hello - this is an old post that I’ve moved over from my Tumblr. I’ve just copied the words and pictures across.

I started making another shirtdress but it went horribly wrong and I had to throw the whole thing in the bin. It sounds melodramatic but this actually ruined my Saturday. Putting so much work into something only to realise you’ve fucked it up in a way that is unsalvageable is galling and I moped about for a whole day over it.

Anyway, in order to cheer me the hell up, I made a quilted kindle case out of scraps. The inside is Manning from Liberty. Probably my favourite print ever. The outside is an African wax print that I picked up three years ago from one of the shops on Goldhawk road.

I love quilted things. When you make a quilt you take three materials and turn them into a single new type of material, with new qualities to work with. It’s really satisfying.

Kindle 1 Kindle 2 Kindle 3

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