• Sorry that these are late but I am a mother of two now as u know.
  • Womp womp. E had a temperature yesterday so now we have to isolate until we get a Covid19 test. As we don’t have a car we have to get the postal one. I know E just has a cold and even as I type this her temperature has gone away and she’s just a bit snotty, but the guidance is what it is. Have a temperature? Isolate and get tested.
  • We had several plans for this week that will all have to be changed until we have a negative test result. My dad was going to come up for his birthday and meet his grandson for the first time, Registering C’s birth, BCG for C, long awaited haircut for me. Anyway. If we’re lucky, we’ll know by Wednesday and some of those plans will go through. (PRAY 4 THE HAIRCUT PPL)
  • This week I watched The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind on Netflix, which was great and based on a true story.
  • We watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood which I also really liked, although it has Tom Hanks in it and there was something about his slightly pudgy face that I found a bit distracting (Sorry Tom). This film was based on a true story about the writing of this article. This film made me want to try being a really nice and good person who says slightly weird things to people but only because they so forcefully believe people are important.
  • At some point, I have started starting sentences about something I think with “I mean”. The skit in the Kanye song “Get ‘em High” has a good impression of someone who says “I mean” a lot.

    (You mean Talib, lyrics stick to your rib?) I mean (That’s my favorite CD that I play in my crib) I mean (You don’t really know him, why’s you lying?)

  • Previously I would have said “It’s like”, or “I’m like”. I remember being a teenager and my dad making fun of me for starting sentences with “like” as if he had never picked up any kind of linguistic affectation but only spoke completely grammatically conformant english.
  • This follow up interview with the original writer of “Can you say hero” - the article on which that Mr Rogers film is based, says “I mean” 14 times.
  • I suppose “I mean” is just one of those linguistic trends along with “like”, “vocal fry” and high rise terminals that are prevalent in some groups (of young women?) and annoy others (older men?).

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