• This was my last week of work before maternity leave. This is now a mommy blog. Sorry about that.
  • I ran the team social again this week - it was an online scavenger hunt. I think people enjoyed it. I hope someone takes the idea and does it better, because it’s definitely ripe for a more interesting iteration. I had clues in old calendar events whose date corresponded to significant git commits, or the first (and only) mention of Node.js in the FT, clues from anagrams of people’s names, clues in Slack channels.
  • For a maternity leave present my team got me £70 of vouchers for cheese, £70 of vouchers for cake, and some onesies for little brother. I’m so thrilled with the cheese and cake. What a great team.
  • After I closed my laptop on Friday afternoon I just felt extremely relieved. Working during the pandemic has been difficult and I feel very fortunate to be able to just nope out of it because of maternity leave. I’m’ apprehensive about what kind of workplace I’ll return to and the changes my team will have gone through, but that’s a problem for 9 months time tbh.
  • Went in to check on E and found a mosquito having a good chow down on her foot. Honestly I am having far too many emotions about this - fury, guilt, despair. Needless to say the mosquito is dead.
  • I feel incredibly bored of my home after 13 weeks of not venturing more than ~2 miles from it. I just want to go and be somewhere else. Luckily for me, something incredible is about to happen and I will be bored no more.
  • Frank Lampard has 12 GCSEs at A or A*, including an A in Latin.

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