• This week I went on holiday to a very nice farmhouse in Yorkshire with my husband’s family. Little E has a new favourite person now: her cousin Big E.
  • We did some mountain biking in Dalby forest, which was good. When I was younger I used to go mountain biking with my parents on the bridle tracks near our house. The bikes have gotten a lot better in the last 10 years or so. As a result - without doing anything at all - I have gotten better at mountain biking.
  • We stayed in Beech Farm Cottages which are ridiculously nice and especially good if you have small people.
  • [Vegetables] Being a vegetarian is still moderately annoying. I’ve eaten a lot of cheese sandwiches this week because that’s what vegetarian food is like in rural Yorkshire. Besides having to re-work out what to have for lunch every day because the usual things all contain some degree of animal, the other annoying thing about being vegetarian is other people. Being asked endless hypotheticals like “what if you were dying?”, “what if it was roadkill?”, “what about fish caught on a pole?”, “what about blueberries?”, “isn’t meat delicious though?” is boring. I don’t want to get Jesuitical about this, I’m not eating any meat on the principal that most of it is bad for the environment. Some of it is probably OK but I don’t want to think about the carbon footprint of every single thing I eat. I want to get on with other things.
  • Also - yes, thank you - I know that most pollution is caused by companies, not people eating sausages, but I also wonder how I’m going to look E in the face when she asks what I did about the planet being shot to shit and say “absolutely nothing”. So being a vegetarian is one thing.
  • I feel a bit aggro about this. Can everyone just leave me alone to my cheese and pickle sandwich please.
  • This week one of the things I spent my time doing instead of finding edge case exceptions to environmental vegetarianism was learn how to knit a mitten and then actually knit one. July isn’t prime mitten season but I think it’s good to get a head-start on these things. It was very satisfying and I think I’m going to knit a second one and then probably a third. I used this book by Mary Scott Huff. Because I made it specially for me it fits my enormous hand like a glove. Only it’s a mitten!
  • 😟

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