• In the muddle of evening driving we did last week I listened to some good podcasts. One was this episode of 99% Invisible about sand. Did you know that sand grains are a different shape if eroded by wind vs water? And the wind type is useless in creating concrete because it’s spherical. Did you know that each year we build 7 New York’s worth of buildings globally? Did you know that sand is a finite commodity and one day we’ll reach peak sand?
  • There is also more Revisionist History which is my favourite podcast.
  • That sound? Oh it’s just my teeth grinding as more lukewarm responses about that man’s bad opinion about what good engineers look like flutter across my timeline. Partly this is because twitter keeps promoting tweets other people have favourited to me, and some of you do favourite some very tepid nonsense.
  • I’ve given up meat. So far it’s fine at home - I stopped preparing meat based meals at home in January and it was pretty easy. At work though, ugh, it sucks. I think I’ll be able to keep it up, but it does require the same kind of will power as keeping secrets and not eating lots of cake, and um. I’m not very good at either of those in fact I would go so far as to say I am actually bad at both of those.
  • On Thursday I was 29 minutes late to a 30 minute meeting because I was eating biscuits and gossiping. I had actually forgotten the meeting entirely but because it was important and I really should have been there I went for the last one minute to see if there were any actions. 😳
  • Did I tell you that I deleted my Facebook profile? Yes I did that.
  • Today we went to the (re)opening of Beckenham Place Park. It’s so nice. It used to be a council funded golf course but nobody every used it so the council have converted it into a massive park complete with a swimming pond!
  • 💥

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