• Scorchio! 🌞
  • I ran a documentation day at work this week. Probably the best thing about it was getting the team together to work on something as a group. Everybody paired up to tackle one thing but we all sat near each other, shared snacks and tips. It was really fun, and our runbooks are in much better shape because of it.
  • Because I love making things and finding excuses to make things, I made some trophies for the teams that ended up with the best runbook. It’s difficult to judge how good a runbook is, so I didn’t want to make the prizes good/expensive because it would be difficult to award them completely fairly. I had to noodle around a bit with ideas before I realised these trophies should be characterful books holding pencils that detached so people could bin the trophy but use the pencil. Here is a photo. Trophies
  • I’m organising a screening of this lecture about “white fragility” with BAME network at work. I’m pretty excited about it, I hope a lot of my white colleagues come along, but who knows what will happen to be honest.
  • 🌵

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