• Shout out to whoever cleared all the tampons out of the work tampon club. I can only assume you really needed 20 tampons in one go, but are planning on replacing them shortly.
  • I am the top Google result for “hoisted by Jean-luc Picard” and “chill yoghurt babe1”, maybe the algorithms aren’t actually bad.
  • Boris Johnson is going to be our prime minister. I have made my piece with it.
  • Hi I listen to audiobooks now. I had been not doing that because it felt like not proper reading. But then I was like “Alice you loser, you’re cheating yourself out of many great ideas because your have inhaled some bollocks about reading with your eyes being the only legitimate form of consuming books. Get a grip.” So now I listen to audio books. I’m about half way through “Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race” by Reni Eddo-Lodge which is good and interesting so far.
  • I have been making models today with SuperSculpey. It’s good, I think I might be doing a good thing.
  • Everyone have a little think about biggleywinks.
  • ☠️


  1. Credit to Chee for discovering this 

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