• This is going quite well isn’t it?
  • An unexpected outcome of having a baby is that I’m thinner now than I have been for about 10 years? Last week in the south of France amongst all the old people I looked like a hairy bond girl.
  • In my new team at the FT we have two vacancies for senior developers. Maybe I’ll get to line manage them which would be nice. It’s been 3 years since I joined the FT and I still think it’s a great place to work. The work is challenging, but everyone goes home (mostly) on time. The team is friendly and diverse. Working for a national paper is very interesting. Anyway, I’m not going to sell it here more than that. Email me if you want to come have a look around.
  • [APROPOS OF SOMETHING] The FT’s maternity/adoption leave policy is 20 weeks full pay. That’s loads!
  • The battle with the mice continues.
  • [Another Alice vs Nature update] I also have weevils.
  • Denise sent me the most amazing knitted lamb. It’s probably meant for Edith but it is mine, MINE. I just keep looking at it… it’s so cute. Here is a photo
  • On Monday I took Edith to her first swimming lesson. It was very good!
  • Lachie, who is an otherwise exemplary husband, has filled our loose change drawer with his coins from work which is all pennies, 5ps and spent button batteries.
  • A recurrent theme of #poorlachie is his waking in the middle of the night convinced something bad has happened to Edith. Earlier this week he thought she was trapped in the clothes horse and dreamt he was rooting around in the drying clothes trying to find her. Last night I woke up to the door moving. Through the gloom I saw Lachie, on his hands and knees in the darkness patting the carpet. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Looking for Edith”. “Where do you think she is?”, Lachie sat back on his heels and paused. “I don’t know” he said, sounding forlorn. Then he got back into bed and I resolved to take the piss out of him relentlessly for this in the morning.
  • Things that made me cry this week:
    1. Angela Stanford talking about winning her first ever major golf event (I can’t find the clip anymore)
    2. listening to “Easy, Lucky, Free” while watching the baby eating watermelon
    3. Seeing a 10 month old baby with his mum and realising when Edith is 10 months old I won’t be hanging out at stay and play with her anymore, I’ll be back at work.
    4. Rob Delaney.

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