• Don’t worry. Nothing happened this week. Maybe just you should just skip the notes.
  • Well fine, I warned you.
  • I was off sick from work for a few days, and I looked after chaz solo as Lachie took E to Scotland.
  • Could I get into auricula theatres? I think I could.
  • E and C have developed a new prank where they press the doorbell test button, making me think somebody is at the door, and then absolutely piss themselves when I open it and nobody is there.
  • I took the kids to the levels, a park where they have these fountains for kids to play in. I thought I was doing pretty well at mumming until E emerged from a bush with a small cut on her hand. I went back there to see if I could work out what she had cut herself on and found both some shards of broken glass and a sizeable human turd.
  • I need it to rain. Please. The garden! All my plants! My peas have given me four pods. A minuscule yield so far but I only grew peas to impress the kids and they love them so - mission accomplished.
  • E told me she wants to be an “artventor” when she grows up. An artist who invents things.
  • OMFG the succession finale was absolute perfection.

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