• A fortuitous week
  • Last Sunday E and I visited all of the Brighton artist’s open houses in Hanover. The Hanover artists Open Houses have a kids trail where you get a little fuzzy ball with googly eyes from every house. E has decided these are called “colly-bobbles”. We’ve made them a house and have since been discussing all the art she liked trying to recreate it.
  • We found a broken crabbing net in the street, an item I have been hoping to procure for some time.
  • Then, on Vinted, while on a random Margaret Howell browse I found the exact pair of trousers I have been trying to replace for the last year. This pair of trousers are no longer made, and my mum bought them for me 10 years ago so this is quite a find! and for only £30!
  • On Wednesday it was Interesting. At least three readers of this blog bought tickets as a result of my post last week. I owe Russell £45 so that’s a CPA of £15. The LTV of these acquisitions is at least £30 each, but probably more because at least one of those people will buy another ticket don’t you reckon? I’m sure Russell has detailed analysis on customer retention all in some kind of data warehouse. Anyway. That’s everything I know about acquisition funnels.
  • I got to do a little last minute MC-ing which was great! Glad I put anti-perspirant on.
  • On Thursday I went to see Sooz Kempner at Komedia with Kyle. Sooz was great! Lots of good bits, but I particularly enjoyed being reminded of this hymn lyric we had to sing at school:

“I was cold I was naked, were you there? were you there?”

  • [Tomato watch] I have finished planting out my tomatoes. Eight plants in four growbags in the conservatory. A mix of Skyomish, Red Zebra and Gardener’s Ecstasy. I gave away the spares either to friends or by putting them out on my wall.
  • [Pea watch] The peas are out but I am unsure I’ve planted enough. Live and learn.
  • [Squash watch] The squashes are ready for planting out but i don’t really have room for them.
  • [Bay watch] Today we went to the beach for lunch and were sat between two families. One let their unicorn floatie drift out to sea. Their 12 year old tried to swim after it but he wasn’t a strong enough swimmer. The other side of us were some families with paddle-boards. The teenagers in these families were good at paddle-boarding but not so good at dealing with the currents. When the unicorn was pretty much a small white dot on the horizon we saw a large jet-ski come crashing out from the direction of the marina. It zoomed out to the unicorn and brought it back to the very excited kids. While this was happening one of the paddle boarders had gotten way out to sea. The parents waved down the jet-ski and asked them to help so they zoomed out and rescued her too. The jet-ski owners returned her with a warning that she wouldn’t have been able to make it out on her own and she should definitely have been wearing a life jacket. Then they bezzed off back to the marina, presumably to wait for some more reckless families to get into trouble.
  • Normally I hate jet-ski people but these folks seemed great?

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