• Spent the week trying to cancel a Well Pharmacy appointment for a chicken pox vaccine. I called them multiple times a day but they never answered and eventually I called their head office who told me “sorry - you’ll have to go into the pharmacy”. So on my day off (because the pharmacy is not open on weekends) I went down there. As I walked through the door I called them again. It was ringing but inside the chemist I could not hear a phone at all. “Is your phone working?” I asked the pharmacist. She said “where even is our phone?”. “I said, well I’m calling it right now, as I have been all week, and nobody has answered, which is why I am now here. Anyway I need to cancel a chickenpox vaccine”. She said “You have to do that online”. I said “no i don’t. That is why I’ve been calling you all week and why I’m now in front of you now”. She took my details and later on I got an email confirmation that they had cancelled the vaccination.
  • This vaccination was already rescheduled once because we showed up for our appointment and they hadn’t ordered the vaccine in. I am giving up on Well Pharmacy. We’ll try a different way.
  • On the way back from the pharmacy I went in every charity shop I could find to see if they had any suitably fancy clothes for a birthday party I’m going to. I didn’t find anything, but I did find a white linen Margaret Howell shirt for £5.
  • I think I’m going to use the vintage black velvet I picked up off the back of a house clearance and make it into a jumpsuit. I used to hate velvet because it reminded me of old sofas and all the crumbs and detritus found in between the cushions of them, but now I have grown 🌱.
  • I had to have words with C’s nursery about one of the staff members always trying to tickle and cuddle E whenever she’s with me to pick him up. I actually had to push this woman away this time because she was sticking her tickly fingers in E’s neck E was clearly not happy about it. E told me after “grown-ups are supposed to ask me before they touch me” and I thought “too fucking right babe”.
  • C likes watching videos of F1 on our phones sometimes but yesterday he saw them crash and got really tearful. “The cars cwashed mummy. The cars cwashed mummy 😢🥺”. My poor baby.

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