Big little C had a fit on Monday,
We thought he was done with those but he’s not.
The theme continues; find new ways to scare us.
The first one,
The one in a tent in Dorset on the morning of my brother’s wedding,
The one when my friends were visiting,
The first one that lasted over 5 minutes,
The first one where we gave him a sedative,
The one that happened in the dead of night when we were all asleep,
The time he had two in one day,
The one that lasted 40 minutes even with all the sedation,
The one he had at nursery when we weren’t there and we had to sprint from the house.
He’s fine again now.
Doing his scooter practise.
Yelling at ‘eloplanes’ in the sky.
His soft skin, his big hazel eyes, his sandy hair, his chaos brain.

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