• Last weekend we went to see some more comedy and one of the comedians did a skit about how in the UK in the 90s Blue Peter used to host a recyclathon where they would instruct children to post them cans which they would tip out onto the studio floor and see how many they could collect. I remember this!
  • This week I was still suffering quite a bit from the dicky tummy. It’s very boring to have anxiety caused by illness because you just have to wait for it to pass without spiralling out. The Yakult continues.
  • This weekend my friend Helen, who I’ve known for 28 years, came to stay with her husband and two kids. We met when she joined my school, and we accidentally swapped school summer dresses after a swimming lesson. I noticed because I was a few inches taller than her and I noticed my dress was shorter. I told my teacher and he said “well you’ve got to look around for someone with a dress that’s too big for them”, and there was Helen. We’ve been friends since then. I remember where I was when Helen called me and told me she had a new boyfriend (walking between Goodricke and Derwent college at the University of York), what we were doing when she told us they were engaged (trying to play a game of Camel Cup), and what we were doing when she told me she was pregnant (dinner somewhere on the Southbank). This weekend our two families became one big one, four practically interchangeable parents around to give cuddles, buy icecreams, splash in the sea, make tea, read bedtime stories, play trains and swing in the hammock.
  • Terrible planning by both of us to live 3.5 hours apart given our families slot so perfectly into one another.
  • Baby C is a real dad’s baby. Prefers his grandads to his grannys, loves other people’s dads, spent the weekend demanding cuddles from Johnny who is nice and everything but did very little to curry favour with the little guy.
  • This weather eh. Because of the sea breeze it’s only going to hit about 31 celsius here. Going to tryyyyy not to be a smug nightmare about that with my colleagues but idk.

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