• I finished listening to “Beautiful World, Where Are You” and it was fine. It didn’t grab me as Normal People did, I just didn’t find the characters very relatable. The characters and settings in Normal People reminded me so much of being a teenager in a british secondary school that it made me feel a bit sick. There is something about the discomfort of wearing a school uniform, being slightly too cold, the polyester blazer, the tie, and then trying to go about the business of being a teenage girl. Normal People renders it so perfectly that I could barely put it down.
  • This week was a bit of a mess because baby C is recovering from his cold so was out of nursery and sleeping very poorly, which meant that Lachie and had to split work and childcare and sleep.
  • I paused the couch to 5k because I’ve also caught a cold and I didn’t fancy soldiering through it, but by today (Sunday) I was back with it.
  • I didn’t say “big dick energy” at the leaving speech in the end. Not everyone in the 200-odd people audience is as online as me, so I stuck to the facts and threw in one barely perceptible in-joke for people who remember something very bad/funny that happened 3 years ago in the general channel on the company slack. I got a lot of private messages for that, so it was worth it.
  • I cried at work on Thursday and when I got home I told E and she asked why, and I said “because the website was broken” and she said “did your friends help you fix it?” and I said “yeah” and she said “you can have my polar bear to cuddle if you feel sad at work again”.

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