• Ambient muttering noises around my house were very high this week as I had imaginary whisper-volume arguments with various people about things that were bothering me. Mistakes to be corrected, decisions for next year, etc etc. This always happens when I come back from a holiday, but especially when I come back during the final throws of Q3.
  • I have a lot to say about work but every paragraph I’ve written is so incredibly self regarding that I’ve had to delete it.
  • At some point I’m going to write something about how being a Tech Director for 6 months has gone. It’s gone well so maybe I should just leave it at that and save the rest of the psychopath’s playground (LinkedIn).
  • I am getting a huge mileage out of roasting my manager (the Financial Times’s CTO) for eating Boots Meal Deals. I can’t remember who introduced me to the idea of the Boots Meal Deal as the canonical default office worker fodder (Matt Webb maybe?) but when my manager said he was going to get one my brain just about exploded from the effort it took to not take him on a lengthly discussion into the symbolism of the Boots Meal Deal and what it said about him.
  • Edo saw a photo of her dad in his phd graduation bonnet and said “You look like a herd of clowns” (accurate). Her favourite insult right now is “you stinky bunk-head”.
  • (Bath time conversation about death)

    “Does everybody die?” “Yes” “Will Great Granny die?” “Yes” “When will Great Granny die?” “Nobody knows that” “ Will you ask her please?” “OK I’ll give her a call.”

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