• On Monday Lachie had a KIT day so I looked after C. I got the bus into the centre of Brighton, and we had a nice day noodling about. It was good! It was exciting to look around, it felt hopeful!
  • I have made a plan to be in the office for a day in July. It’s so I can go to the pub with someone I’ve been working with on the Next Generation Board but have never met in real life because they are not based in the UK. Exciting!
  • This weather…
  • We are still in the liminal place. The time between where owning a house in London and everybody working or going to nursery and the time where I’ll own a house in Brighton and everybody will work or go to nursery. This liminal place has a washing machine outside and one parent who is on parental leave, and a 10 month old baby. This period will be over in two months I think. Until then, you’ll be able to hear the baby crying through the video calls, and I’ll only have time to leave the house on Wednesdays or weekends.
  • This week I did something so impressive in a meeting that someone else on the call simply slacked me three exclamation points. Usually I don’t talk very much in that meeting because I have no idea what’s going on, but I was listening along and suddenly knew what the answer was so I unmuted and went for it. Zero to hero in the space of five minutes.

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