• Sometimes while engaged in a very boring “activity” with my daughter, like on Monday when we were walking to the local estate to look at the gnomes, I have to remind myself that this has become an “activity” because of the pandemic. If it wasn’t for the pandemic we’d be eating a biscuit in Sainsbury’s cafe, or sitting in the library listening to songs, or playing with her friends at the park, or at a soft play trying not to lose the baby in the ball pit. It’s coming up for a year and I’ve forgotten about the other timeline where my mum comes to visit, I make lunches for my friends, I find a bunch of other people on parental leave and we sit in each other’s houses drinking tea while the babies play on the floor.
  • Ah well. At least I get to spend all this time - so very much time - with Lachie.
  • I am continuing to absolutely ruin my brain by watching Married At First Sight Australia. I can feel myself getting stupider, it’s very soothing.
  • We now have a move-to-Brighton date (middle of March), a place to rent, movers, and a nursery spot three days a week for E 🌪. The nursery has chickens.
  • Next week I have a Keep In Touch day which I am expecting to feel extremely overwhelmed by because it’s the one where all the Tech Director business gets downloaded into my brain and maybe I’ll find out where the bodies are buried, how the sausage gets made, and what the nuclear codes are. Idk, maybe I’ll just get a company credit card.
  • I had the Pfizer Covid vaccine this week. It was uneventful, my arm is a bit sore. Both of my parents have been vaccinated too which is a weight off my mind.
  • We visited the house we’re going to rent. It was a bit mouldy and there is a cat-flap and garden access through my daughter’s bedroom but overall it will do. I’m looking forward to finding the forever home though. Good of Brighton to have slimmed down the acceptable housing list by building so much mock tudor. Apologies to the mock tudor massive.
  • In Brighton we visited Preston Park and saw newts in a pond. I have never seen newts before so that was p cool.

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