[Note] Hello - this is an old post that I’ve moved over from my Tumblr. I’ve just copied the words and pictures across.

Yesterday I took a sewing class at Sew Over It in Islington (Link to class here). There were 6 women in the class and we all made a pair of Ultimate Trousers.

I’ve made trousers before, but I’m really bad at the fitting stage. It’s very difficult to fit trousers to your own body and I don’t understand fabric physics to accurately predict what the consequences of adding or subtracting fabric will be to the overall outcome. This was where Julie, the teacher, was incredibly helpful. She showed me how to adjust the trouser pattern for my shape, and how to adapt the pattern with the changes so that I can make more trousers in the future.

I’m really happy with the fit. Normally trousers are too big at the waist for me and have some weird pulling around the sides, but Julie helped me sort that out.

I’ll definitely be making more pairs of trousers now. These are made from a medium weight stretch cotton called “tropics navy”.

If you’re thinking of taking a Sew Over It ultimate trouser class, I would definitely recommend it. Everyone in yesterday’s class left with a pair of trousers that looked great on them. 🍑

tropical ultimate trouser tropical ultimate trouser tropical ultimate trouser tropical ultimate trouser tropical ultimate trouser

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