It’s been about 4 months since I set up what I jokingly named “Tampon Club” in the 6th floor toilets of Aviation House. Some cool things have happened since then…

People are so nice!

  1. A lot of women from the office have been super sweet about Tampon Club, and I’ve had conversations with women that I would never normally have met. These conversations have come about in spite of the fact that I didn’t put any contact details on the box because I wasn’t sure if everyone was going to think I was really weird for caring about free tampons as much as I evidently do.
  2. A man in the office gave me £5 for tampons! In what was actually a really awkward exchange, because I had been collecting money for a colleague’s leaving present in the same week so I wasn’t entirely sure if he was giving me money for Gin or tampons. He basically had to spell it out for me. Awkward.
  3. Laura Cowen, a former colleague, set up her own Tampon Club at IBM and blogged about it.
  4. Loads of people on the internet were extremely kind about the project. Thank you, you’re all the best.

Tampon Club looking a bit tatty

Tampon Club started looking a bit tatty

Over the last four months the Tampon Club sign got a little wet and crinkly. The hand scrawled note I wrote about it being a “community project” curled at the edges. Some (lovely) people graffitied the poster with messages of thanks (seriously, women are awesome). It was looking at all of this, and thinking about my original objective of making it “proper looking”, when I realised it was time to kick it up a notch.

It started with me thinking I just wanted a nice sticker to replace the crinkly paper on the front of the box, but that quickly escalated when I realised was available…


So today I’m announcing It’s both not a joke and also big joke because I can’t take anything seriously, least of all the new TLD’s that have allowed me a to put a website at the address

Tampon club logo

We have a logo! Mark Hurrell, a man who, frankly, has much more important and interesting things to be doing with his free time, made me a brilliant logo and helped me design the website. Matt Sheret helped me write the copy. Edd Sowden was just generally a good sport and listened to me talk about tampons an awful lot.

I’ve bought 50 stickers, got @tampon_club, and even set up an email address ( And finally, of course, I’ve tidied up the original Tampon Club.

New improved Tampon Club New improved Tampon Club in the accessible toilets

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