[Note] Hello - this is an old post that I’ve moved over from my Tumblr. I’ve just copied the words and pictures across.

This tumblr wasn’t dead, it was just sleeping.

I had a baby back in January and while that was happening there didn’t seem to be much point sewing clothes for myself as my body was changing shape and I wasn’t sure how it was going to shake out.

Anyway. Things have settled down sufficiently for me to be able to make a jacket with the confidence that it will fit for a while. This is the Ottoline from Merchant and Mills. I made it in their “Best Navy Twill”. It sewed up really quickly and had some nice touches (the side vents in particular were fun to sew and had clear instructions). Sometimes M&M patterns seem to run large, but this is a 12 and it fits me fine.

Ottoline! Ottoline!

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