Waaaaay back in October 2015, Dom and I gave a talk at the London Ruby User Group about fixing a performance issue in the Ruby Mustache Gem.

This came about because Murray, who runs LRUG saw a blog post I’d written about the issue and asked me to talk about it. At the time I said “sure, but Dom should do it too” and cc’d him in to the email chain, not knowing that Dom had never done a talk before and I had just signed him up to his first without asking. Whoops!

The slides are here on Speakerdeck

The blog post (which I’m v proud of) is here: on the GDS techblog

There’s a video of it here on the skills matter website

Two things I want to commit to blog about this:

  1. Murray is a brilliant steward of the London Ruby community, and he’s been doing it for flipping ages. He should probably get a CBE or something. He’s probably so classy he’d turn it down.
  2. It was enormous fun getting to give this talk with Dom. I mostly give talks on my own, and Dom mostly doesn’t give talks at all, so it was really ace to do an LRUG together.